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How to Keep Your Restroom Trailer Fresh for Your Entire Event

Renting a luxury restroom trailer for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other social gathering is a surefire way to elevate the overall experience of your gathering. They are definitely better than traditional porta potties!

But if your rental is multiple days long, you may be wondering “how do I make sure my portable restroom rental stays clean the entire time?”.

That’s a great question! Keep reading to see a few suggestions for maintaining a restroom trailer over multiple days that we have from our experience.

Note: Depending on the size and length of your rental, you may require a service visit from the VIP Rentals team. This will ensure that your waste tanks and trash are properly maintained. Our team will make sure the bathroom trailer is in perfect shape for your continued use!

A portable restroom trailer from VIP Rentals at a special event located in Southern California, in front of a sign to the wine tasting bar.

How to Keep a Restroom Trailer Clean for Multi-Day Events

1. Make a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It

Depending on the size and length of your event, the number of times you may need to clean the rental will vary. You’ll want to do at least one thorough clean each day. This includes sinks and bathroom areas. We recommend doing this in the early morning after a full day of use and before another one begins. Of course, events with more people and more restroom uses might require this one additional time per day, likely in the late afternoon.

2. Check-In Regularly

Try to do regular check-ins of the trailer to see what’s needed and to take care of smaller cleaning tasks as they come up. This will help keep your more thorough cleaning sessions from being overly involved. Check-ins are also important to identify and act on things that may need restocked, like toilet paper and soap, or for promptly cleaning up spills and messes.

3. Encourage Guests to Treat the Rental Kindly

Having a high-quality restroom trailer rental inadvertently achieves this goal. We’ve found that people treat restrooms more responsibly when they are nicer, compared to what typically happens to a normal porta potty over multiple days of use. As a little reminder, use fun signage in the restroom rental to subtly encourage responsible usage from your guests.

4. Provide Plenty of Options for Waste Disposal

Make sure that the waste disposal options in the restroom trailer are clearly accessible. And that they don’t overfill! These waste bins should stay in places where they’ll commonly be used, like in sink areas. Check in regularly to make sure that these bins are not overflowing.

5. Post-Event Inspection and Cleaning

Once your special event has wrapped up, perform one last cleaning session. This also acts as an inspection before handing the portable bathroom rental back over to us!

In conclusion, providing a luxury bathroom trailer for guests at your special event is a complete game-changer. Trust us, your guests will appreciate this small, yet profound, detail. If your event is a single day or a full weekend, continue to make the rental a comfortable place to be by ensuring it stays clean. By following the few tips we’ve provided in this post, you can maintain a bathroom experience that will actually improve the overall quality of the event.


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