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3 Reasons to Rent a Luxury Restroom Trailer, Not a Porta Potty

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Adequate restroom facilities are crucial for any event. From weddings and corporate gatherings to birthday parties and barbecues, proper bathroom facilities are essential for ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction.

Porta potties are commonly found at social events in outdoor spaces, but they are generally treated as an afterthought and don’t do much to actually elevate the event. In fact, if they’re not properly maintained, they can actually be a negative to the overall vibe.

Luxury restroom trailers provide a sophisticated and practical alternative to traditional porta potties. Here are three reasons why a luxury bathroom trailer is a better option for your next big event than a porta potty.

The VIP Rentals luxury restroom trailer rental set up in an outdoor lot

3 Reasons to Pick VIP Rentals and Not Porta Potties

1. Elevated Comfort and Aesthetics

If you’re putting attention and intention into every detail of your event and then choosing to use porta potties as your guest restroom facility… you’re doing it wrong. Luxury restroom trailers for men and women guests bring elegance, sophistication and, most importantly, comfort to an underrated part of the event experience.

When people go into a high-end restroom trailer to do their business, they view it as an actually fun part of their time at your event. This is way different than how people view using porta potties. Stepping into a temperature controlled, well-lit, decorated bathroom experience keeps the good vibes rolling, and having such an experience at your event guarantees your guests never miss a beat.

2. Improved Sanitation and Hygiene

At any event, especially one with dozens or even hundreds of guests, sanitary restrooms are essential for keeping guests safe and happy. All it takes is one unruly individual to completely ruin a porta potty. And when people are trying to get in and out as quickly as they possibly can (and when you add in a couple drinks), the odds of a porta potty making it through the night unscathed are small.

When your party has a luxury experience as a restroom facility, you increase the likelihood that guests will respect your bathroom and keep it sanitary with each visit. “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat” is much easier advice to follow when you’re in a high-end restroom trailer versus a small and dark porta potty.

3. Support Small Businesses

Not all luxury restroom trailers are owned by small businesses necessarily. But ours is! We love directly connecting with our customers and making connections that last longer than just your special weekend. We work closely with you to determine if our trailer is the right fit for your event space and will coordinate closely on the dropping off and picking up of our mobile bathroom.

Grant and Kinsey of VIP Rentals standing outside of their restroom trailer rental.

In conclusion, working with VIP Rentals to bring a luxury bathroom to your event guarantees that your guests will be happy and comfortable, your restroom facility safe and sanitary, and your overall experience pleasant. Please contact us today to get a quote for your event!


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