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How to Book a Bathroom Trailer with VIP Rentals

Looking to book a luxury restroom trailer for your upcoming event? We can help. 

Our process for booking and using a bathroom rental is simple. Here are the steps involved from the time you book until the end of your event!

5 Steps for Booking a Restroom Trailer with VIP Rentals

  1. Decide on your trailer size. At VIP Rentals, we offer two different sizes of restroom trailers. For events with up to 225 people, we recommend going with our 4-station restroom trailer rental. It comes with two women’s and two men’s stations, air conditioning, a bluetooth sound system and more. If your event is slightly larger, go with the 5-station bathroom trailer. It comes with an extra women’s station and is a generally larger option. If you’re unsure, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you decide which trailer is appropriate for your needs.

  2. Contact us to book your trailer. Once you’ve decided what trailer option suits your needs, contact us directly. We’ll check the trailer availability, help guide you through the process and secure your reservation.

  3. Get ready for drop off. We’ll coordinate with you directly to determine when and where we should drop off the bathroom trailer. Typically, we schedule drop off for the morning of the event. However, we’re happy to work with you and your needs! If delivering the trailer the day before the event is better for you, we can do that.

  4. Have fun! During the time you have our trailer, our only recommendation is to have a great time. If your booking is for an extended duration, we have tips for how to maintain the restroom trailer for your entire event.

  5. Get ready for pick up. For most rentals, we will come pick the bathroom trailer up the day after your event has ended. Again, if your needs vary, please let us know and we’ll work with you.

And that’s it! Booking a luxury restroom trailer with VIP Rentals is as easy as it gets. Contact us today.


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